Auraxis is a dangerous planet, and in the aftermath of the great war that leveled entire continents, you’ll need to be more careful than ever before with your decisions before entering combat!

The most important decision you can make before dropping onto the battlefield is to choose your class. PlanetSide has always prided itself by offering deep class-based game play options, and PlanetSide Arena is no exception. Launching initially with 3 character classes – Assault, Medic, and Engineer – PlanetSide Arena offers you the ability to change up your play style, experiment with different team dynamics, and upgrade your character both in and out of matches to build the ultimate soldier.

Today’s class spotlight will focus on the most aggro of the classes: Assault.


As with all of the classes, the Assault comes equipped with a primary ability that can be activated by hitting the F key: the Escape Jet, which launches your character at accelerated speed in whichever direction your facing. This versatile movement ability offers many advantages in close-quarter combat, while also providing the option to quickly dash from danger should you find yourself overwhelmed or out in the open.  

The Assault’s primary utility, or tool, is a Flash Totem, which can be placed as a hidden beacon which only activates when an enemy player draws near. When activated, the Flash Totem deploys a blinding light which will disorient enemies within its area of effect (AoE) radius.  Use it to cover a tactical retreat, or jet amidst an onrushing squad to deploy for maximum mayhem!

Along with its unique ability and utility, the Assault is the only class with access to Carbines. It can also add unique weapon and battle suit mods outside of each match which amplify its speed and utility. As with the other classes, the Assault can find upgrades to their primary ability and utility within each match – level up your character so you’re prepared to inflict maximum carnage by the time the Pain Field finishes closing in on your Squad!

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