Welcome to our second Closed Beta session! Regional servers will unlock during the following windows on Saturday, February 2:


*The Upcoming Beta Sessions thread on the official forums will always have the updated server schedule

This test will feature the debut of our TEAMS game mode (3 players per team). And not just any TEAMS mode – we’ll be scaling matches up to 300 players! PSA is built to support MASSIVE scale and this is just the first step in that direction. You can expect to see match capacities fluctuate throughout our Beta testing phase as we refine gameplay and server performance.

Our entire team appreciates the feedback you've provided so far – we are constantly monitoring and have been working tirelessly to address bugs and implement your suggestions. This is just one more step toward launch, with many more to come! The new build will be ready for download at 6AM PST on Saturday, February 2

Read on below for full patch notes:


  • TEAMS (300) Mode:
    • We're ready to begin increasing our match populations! Saturday's playtest will introduce "TEAMS (300)" mode, which will allow up to 300 players (100 teams, 3 players per team) into each match.
    • SOLO and standard TEAMS (100 players each) will be disabled for Saturday's playtest.
    • TEAMS (300) will be enabled.
  • Tempest (Hoverbike) tuning:
    • We've performed a tuning pass on the Tempest (Hoverbike) based on playtest feedback. Overall, the Tempest should feel less "floaty" and bottoming out should be greatly reduced. While it's now easier to kick the bike over when clipping against objects, the Tempest does a better job of righting itself without the back and forth wobble. 
    • Increased the turn rate and drift rate.
    • Reduced the camera delay when turning.
    • Players now dismount from the Tempest with momentum, similar to the Flash (Quad).
    • A detailed list of changes can be found on the official forums here
  • Weapons Changes:
    • Performed a tuning pass on weapons sights for general quality of life.
    • Removed iron sights from the SMG, Assault Rifle, Carbine, LMG, and Vandal.
    • Added better sight progression to the weapons and all primary weapons will now have at least a red dot sight regardless of rarity.
  • Sensitivity slider can now be adjusted at 1% increments instead of 5%.




  • Temporarily removed the Auraxium Force-Blade while some bugs are worked out.
  • Red dot is now correctly centered on the Pilot.
  • Pressing tab while in-game no longer occasionally causes the mouse to lose focus.
  • Mouse cursor should no longer occasionally be missing when returning to the main menu from a match.
  • Users now properly exit the match when the game ends while user is on the Defeat screen.
  • Defeated players HUD and death UI elements no longer persist when transitioning to Spectate mode.
  • Fixed an issue that caused certain particle effects to persist after leaving a match.
  • Idling for extended periods of time then returning to the title screen no longer causes certain UI elements to disappear or display incorrectly.
  • Alt-tabbing after clicking on customization drop-down menus no longer causes the menu to get stuck on screen.
  • Character’s left thumb no longer appears crooked when no guns are equipped.
  • Corrected main menu blur effect behind the character on low and medium settings.
  • Fixed locked weapon camo items not appearing in Customization.
  • Fixed “Exit” menu items and prompts to properly reflect what is being exited.
  • Developer console is no longer available to be opened from certain screens.
  • Ping display now updates properly on the main menu.
  • Rewards earned, but not claimed, from Weekly Challenges are now automatically claimed at the end of the week.
  • Fixed two rare crashes that could occur during gameplay.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning to the Bastion with Customization open.
  • Users that were crashing due to unsupported hardware or operating systems now get a G-error explaining the issue.