PlanetSide Arena is an evolving saga that will only continue to grow as we explore new ways to wage massive-scale, planetary warfare on Auraxis and beyond. One of our first new modes to expand upon that vision is Squads, an intense, large-scale Arena mode featuring teams of 12 in matches of up to 300 players that will be available right at the start of Early Access,

Check out our first video of Squads gameplay one of our Dev Team's recent playtests:

This is a smaller-scale example of what Squads will offer with 300-player matches on Day 1 of Early Access, featuring many staples of PlanetSide Arena gameplay: advanced vehicles, unique class abilities, complex tactics, epic power weapons, and an explosive finale with a tank column herding their competition into an orbital strike grenade!

Who will you Join Your Squad with when PlanetSide Arena launches in Steam Early Access on September 19? Sound off on Twitter, Facebook, or the official PSA forums!