This has been an important first week for us to refine our core systems and work on improvements that all of you have helped surface with our team - you can check out the patch notes from our first Early Access game update here - and we want to celebrate by running back last weekend's 300-player community event, with special rewards in both NA and EU! 

This Saturday, September 28, we're hosting 300-player SQUADS matches in both server regions. Back-to-back matches (2 total in each region) will kick off as soon as queues hit 300 players (25 Squads of 12) at the below times:


  • Europe: 10 AM PDT / 7 PM CEST
  • North America: 2 PM PDT / 5 PM EST 


Both regional events will be first come, first served, and you can join in on the action simply by queuing up in the normal SQUADS mode in-game at the appointed time. In-match broadcasting from the Bastion will confirm you made it in, and we'll kick off the first match in each region as soon as queues reach 300 players. The second match will immediately start queuing after the first match kicks off. All members from the winning Squads (2 Squads in each region: 48 players total) will earn 5,000 Battle Coins.

Players will only be eligible to earn 1 prize, and all prizes will be auto-granted to the winning accounts after the event. 

We're just days out from our Early Access launch, and while there's much to be done as we work towards our first major content update, we don't want to miss out on any chances to drop into the Arena for some massive community matches. We'll see you all in-game on Saturday!