Global PC servers will come down on Thursday, October 10 at 10:00 AM PDT / 7:00 PM CEST to bring you the new game update. Estimated downtime is 2 hours.  


Hey Mercenaries!

Our weekly update is locked and loaded to publish today in all regions.

This week's update includes the highly-requested ability to change Squad leaders, additional Match Summary screen info, new player improvements, several bug fixes, anti-cheat measures and other server-side improvements.   

You might notice that update #3 is a bit lighter in changes than the previous two.  This is because the team started work on several new features, including the Quick Chat and Text Chat systems, as well as a new Ping System.  The Quick Chat system will allow players to communicate canned voice callouts via an on-screen menu, which is great for those who don’t use voice chat.  Text chat is a traditional chat window with communication channels – pretty simple and old school, but we’ve received a lot of requests for this, so we wanted to implement it as another alternative for coordination with group members.  The Quick and Text chat systems should be wrapping up in relatively short order and we hope to release them very soon.  The Ping system is quite a bit more involved and we plan to share more details once we’re a bit closer to releasing…   

As a reminder, we have expanded our Weekend Squads events to both Saturday and Sunday.  Doing this helps concentrate our Early Access populations and give everyone that participates an opportunity to play in multiple 200-300 player Squads matches.  It’s also a great way to win 10,000 Battle Coins if you happen to be on the winning Squads!  More details can be found here!

Thank you all again for your dedication and continued feedback - please keep it coming so we can continue to improve and evolve the game!

Until next time, we'll see you in the Arena!

-The PlanetSide Arena Dev Team




  • Added a button to promote other Squad members in the Bastion to Squad Leader in the Squad Info page (default: Tab, then select new Squad Leader's chevron).
  • Match summary screen now displays the number of Credits earned instead of damage dealt.
  • Adjusted text on all tutorial notifications to be more concise and specific.
  • Tutorial notifications now show up three times for new players instead of only once.




  • Fixed issues that some players were experiencing with VSync setting getting stuck.
  • Added confirmation dialogue when leaving the Lobby on the Main Menu.
  • Interrupting reload animation no longer causes the weapon’s magazine to appear in the wrong location.
  • Mods: “Onslaught” no longer incorrectly stacks with “Rush.”
  • Clarified text on “Time to Jet” Mod, Restoration Kit first time event, and Legendary Weapon weekly challenge.
  • Fixed Locked mods notification text cut-off on some non-English languages.