Global PC servers will come down on Thursday, October 17 at 9:00 AM PDT / 6:00 PM CEST to bring you the new game update. Estimated downtime is 2 hours.  



  • Improvements to client stability, including fixes for several of the top crashes players were experiencing
  • Matchmaking improvements to handle certain population thresholds better in Squads. Players who enter Squads are now distributed across teams in a round-robin approach, leading to more balanced team sizes and quicker match starts.
  • Added Credit rewards and Nanite accrual for several in-game actions:
    • Driver Kill Assist – Awards 5 Credits and 150 Nanites – Awarded to the vehicle’s driver when a gunner earns a kill.
    • Multi-Kill – Awards 5 Credits and 250 Nanites – Awarded for getting 2 or more kills within a second of each other.
    • Revenge – Awards 5 Credits and 250 Nanites – Awarded for killing a player who killed you earlier in the match.
    • Kill Streak – Awards 2 Credits and 100 Nanites – Awarded for each kill in a match beyond the third (reset if defeated).
    • Kill Streak Breaker – Awards 5 Credits and 250 Nanites – Awarded to a player who defeats a player on an active kill streak.
  • Optimized the blue smoke trail effect played on Squads drop pods for improved performance
  • Players are now notified in-game if Squad Leader has been passed to them



  • Performed a mix pass for vehicle audio to ensure volume levels are consistent.
  • Red Dots now appear for all weapons properly even at extremely high FOV settings.
  • Red Dots are no longer missing for NS11A and Eidolon in while spectating.
  • Vehicle controls tutorial notification now plays as expected when summoning a Flash.
  • Clarified text on Harasser tutorial notification.
  • Anti-gravity lift visual effects should now always play when used.
  • Fixed particles now showing up through holograms in the Bastion.
  • Lowered size of muzzle flashes for other players when viewed through a scope.