Global PC servers will come down on Friday, September 27 at 8:00 AM PDT / 5:00 PM CEST for maintenance. Estimated downtime is 2 hours.  

Greetings, Mercenaries!

First, we would like to thank you all for your feedback over the past week! While we're only days into Early Access, our focus continues to be on refining our core game systems and overall stability, as we build towards our first major feature and content update.

Tomorrow's update is another important step in that direction, as we introduce several changes based on the initial community feedback that address onboarding for new players dropping into the Arena for the first time, match spectate improvements, additional anti-cheat measures, and several miscellaneous gameplay improvements and bug fixes detailed below.


One of the most significant additions is the introduction of the new NS-0 Mod Crate, which can ONLY be acquired using Credits (earned in-game by playing matches and completing challenges). It includes 24 new mods that can't be purchased with Battle Coins. Since our vision for the Mod system is to offer situational utility that can be customized to your Class, Loadout, and playstyle (NOT offering power or affecting Time to Kill), it's important for us to provide all of our players options, such as this, that are only accessible by playing.

Much more to come over the next days and weeks, so please continue posting your thoughts, letting us know how you're feeling about the game and where you'd like to see us focus our efforts. The official forums, Steam page, subreddit, Twitter, and Facebook are all great channels to post your feedback that we monitor every day.

Looking forward to seeing you in the Arena!

-The PlanetSide Arena Dev Team




  • Added the new NS-0 Mod Crate to the Store.
    • Can be purchased for 1,000 Credits. 
    • Cannot be purchased with Battle Coins (so knock out those challenges!).
    • Contains all 42 Mods in the NS-0 Standard Crate plus 24 new Mods only available in the NS-0 Mod Crate.
    • New Mods include:
      • Flash Armor: Increase the number of hits your personal vehicle can take before you're forced off.
      • Concentrated Swarm: Decreases the spread of your Assault Rifle's underbarrel rockets.
      • Ammo Pack Converter: Ammo Packs also grant your Engineer Nanites to buy upgrades faster or bring teammates back into battle.
      • Counterattack: Immediately reload part of your Carbine's magazine when your shield is broken.
  • Spectators can now cycle through enemy players after their own group has been eliminated from the match.
  • Adjusted Tempest collision damage, so it explodes less easily when colliding with objects in the world.
  • Added new messaging in the Bastion (pre-match loading area) to let players know when matches will start.
  • Added new messaging to let downed and spectating players know they can still be revived or respawned.
  • Added confirmation on match-exit to remind players they can still be revived or respawned.
  • Moved FTE (First Time Event messages) location to be more apparent to new players.
  • Added new early-game messaging to alert players to the impending pain field.
  • Added Challenges to the ESC menu.
  • Improved infraction logging to help catch and ban cheaters.




  • Importing useroptions.ini from PS2 to PSA no longer causes the game to white screen.
  • Switching from windowed to full-screen mode no longer causes the game to appear pixelated.
  • Voice chat “Transmit” volume settings now persist across play sessions.
  • Assault Dash ability now has a cooldown when used in the pain field.
  • Squad list no longer displays out of order when users load into the game.
  • Players who exit during pre-game no longer drop an ammo pack on the map.
  • Death screen now stays on screen for its intended duration for last member of a team that has been eliminated.
  • Respawn Terminal waypoint no longer appears incorrectly when a Squad member exits the match.
  • Fixed small animation pop at the end of ADS transition.
  • Heavy blaster ADS now plays its reload animation correctly.
  • Fixed missing delay when switching to Tanto underbarrel.
  • Fixed teammates upper body appearing to continue to run when entering the passenger seat of a personal vehicle.
  • Team HUD no longer incorrectly appears in squads when non-English languages are selected.
  • Fixed player speaker icon displaying incorrectly when spectating.
  • Robot noises no longer persist when backing out from the Store to the Main Menu.
  • Removed the currently unused Auto-Fill Teams UI checkbox.
  • Fixed numerous text issues with Challenges and Mods.
  • Fixed several client crashes that were occurring for some players.