Any good mercenary knows that planetary warfare just never feels right without a proper weapon, it can be the difference between living and dying in the Arena, and with a massive battlefield populated by up to 300 soldiers, you'll need to prepare accordingly!

Luckily, PlanetSide Arena offers a wealth of guns to choose from, and with the ability to pre-select your Loadout before joining a match, you'll never drop into the Arena without a full arsenal. Every player, regardless of class, will always begin each match with 3 weapons: a primary (default 1 key), secondary (default 2 key), and sidearm (default 3 key). Special power weapons that map to the 4 key can also be found in every match.

At the beginning of each match, you'll always start with Common versions (green tier) of the the weapons in your Loadout. Rare (blue), Epic (purple), and Legendary (gold) upgrades for each weapon can be looted or purchased with nanites (in-match currency) every match. Read on for more intelligence on each of the weapons classes available to you in PlanetSide Arena.


PlanetSide Arena launches with 5 initial weapons classes available as either primary or secondary weapons in your Loadout: Assault Rifle, SMG, Carbine (Assault Class only), LMG (Engineer Class only), and Scout Rifle (Medic Class only). Each weapon class offers multiple options with different strengths and weakness, and each weapon you select can be upgraded throughout each match. Every primary or secondary weapon except the Scout Rifle can also be upgraded with an underbarrel (epic / purple tier). Once you have your underbarrel, you can always swap to the secondary fire option by re-hitting the key mapped to that weapon (1 or 2 key by default). Customize your Loadout to build the ultimate soldier!

Assault Rifle (Medium to Long Range)

Assault Rifle options include:


  • NS-11A: Fully automatic rifle offers a solid all-around combat option
  • Pulsar VS: Alternate assault rifle option features low-recoil and moderate mid-range damage

The Assault Rifle can be equipped by every class, with in-match upgrades including a Forward Grip, 2x Sight, High Speed Rounds, and an underbarrel that fires a Guided Rocket Barrage, a micro missile swarm with laser guidance you provide after firing:

SMG (Short Range)

SMG options include:


  • MKV Suppressed: Good hip fire accuracy, with a built-in suppressor to conceal your presence 
  • VE-S Canis: This alternate SMG option offers high RPM (rounds per minute) that increases the longer its fired

The SMG can also be equipped by every class. In-match upgrades include Laser Sights, High Capacity Mags, Suppressor (for the VE-S Canis), and an underbarrel that fires an Impulse Grenade that activates a shock-wave to jar your enemies from cover. Great when used in combination with the Assault Class's Escape Jet ability and an upgraded jetpack!

Carbine (Medium Range - Assault Only)

Carbine options include:


  • Tanto: Versatile, precise mid-range rifle most effective when fired in bursts
  • Solstice VE3: Alternate mid-range rifle option with increased max ammo capacity

Carbines can ONLY be equipped by the Assault Class, offering unique tactical versatility for the soldier ready to take on fights at any combat range. In-match upgrades include Laser Sights, High Capacity Mags, a Flash Suppressor, and an underbarrel that fires explosive Frag Grenades that deal heavy splash damage, which is perfect if you need to clear out a respawn point:

LMG (Short to Medium Range - Engineer Only)

LMG options include:


  • M2: Offers a large-capacity magazine with excellent stopping power in close quarters
  • Maw: Slightly poppier LMG option features a smaller magazine and quicker reload speeds

LMGs can ONLY be equipped by the Engineer Class, which excels at protecting fortified positions in tight quarters. In-match upgrades include a Forward Grip, High Velocity Rounds (M2), Soft Point Rounds (Maw), and an underbarrel that fires Lightning Grenades, bright energy balls that deal area damage to shields and equipment. An excellent tactical option to drive enemies out of cover, or leave a special present around recently downed opponents to dissuade revive attempts.

Scout Rifle (Long Range - Medic Only)

Scout Rifle options include:


  • Eidolon VE33: Heavy-hitting semi-automatic rifle for long range encounters
  • NS-30: Improved accuracy at medium to long range

Scout Rifles can ONLY be equipped by the Medic Class, with in-match upgrades offering scopes between 2x, 3.4x, and 4x


Along with your primary and secondary weapons, PlanetSide Arena also offers 3 sidearm options mapped to your 3 key (default) for close-quarter combat. Each sidearm can be upgraded with a Suppressor, Laser Sight, and 1x Red Dot. They also come with infinite ammo, and the ability to aim down sights (ADS) while in flight! 


  • NS Heavy Blaster: Slow firing 6-shooter that packs a big punch.
  • Pilot .45: Solid close-range option fires a 3-round burst with surprising stopping power.
  • Spiker: Vanu Burst sidearm option. 


Selecting the proper weaponry at the outset is crucial to success in PlanetSide Arena, but sometimes a little extra is needed to survive the Pain Field. That's where the 4 Power Weapons come in! Each of these Legendary (Gold) tier special weapons can only be found in-match from airdrops. Power Weapons don't require upgrades (they're already Legendary!), and each fills a unique tactical role within your Squad.


  • Lancer VS22: This high-velocity particle weapon offers an excellent anti-vehicle option against Vanguard Tanks and Harassers. 


  • Lasher X2: This heavy gun fires slow-moving but powerful plasma orbs that deal explosive damage. Perfect for flushing out fortified enemies behind engineer walls or embankments. 


  • NS Decimator: This powerful rocket launcher offers packs a big punch against enemy vehicles and equipment. 


  • NSX Daimyo: This 3-round sniper rifle offers excellent accuracy and a significant head shot bonus with single-shot kill potential.


How will you customize your Loadout before dropping into the Arena? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or the official forums!

*poster image used with permission - check out the artist's work here!