Welcome to the PlanetSide Arena Closed Beta! We’re so excited for everyone to start dropping into the Arena, and extremely eager for your feedback as we build towards the beginning of our Founders Season (February 20) and full launch (March 26). Read on below for all the details you’ll need to participate in Beta.


Everyone who pre-orders the game through Steam is guaranteed entry into Closed Beta. Once you preorder, PlanetSide Arena – Closed Beta will automatically appear be in your Steam Library (you don’t need a key). Pre-ordering will also grant you access to ALL future Betas, as well as the Founders Season and exclusive Founders Season Battle Pass. You can also sign-up on our Closed Beta portal for a chance to receive a key, though sign-ups through the portal are not guaranteed.

Once the Closed Beta appears in your library, you can immediately install the client, but you’ll only be able to join matches during scheduled server windows (see below). Regional servers are open for any player to join any Closed Beta session, just bear in mind that connection quality will vary depending on your server proximity.


The next Closed Beta session will start on Tuesday , February 12 and feature TEAMS (three players per team). Regional servers will be unlocked during the following windows:

We will return to hosting Closed Beta sessions on all regional servers later this week. Schedule updates can be found on our official forums, on our social accounts (Twitter, Facebook), and on the main PlanetSide Arena Closed Beta FAQ


Closed Beta will initially feature Solo BR, Teams BR (threes), and Massive Clash (large-scale GvG). New modes will be announced via official game channels. 


As our Dev team shared in their most recent Development letter, Beta is a critical opportunity for your feedback to impact the game at its core and shape its future. Our new official forums will serve as the main avenue of feedback throughout Beta, with the suggestions and bug reports subforums specifically set-up for you to directly interact with our development team so we can act on your feedback in advance of future Beta sessions.  Feel free to be as detailed (and creative!) in your feedback as possible! 


During this first Closed Beta window, we are requiring that players to accept an NDA (which prohibits streaming, content capture, and posting gameplay footage anywhere on the internet) prior to joining matches. You’ll see the NDA pop-up when you first launch Closed Beta, prior to the main menu. We will let you know when the NDA lifts and you can start streaming or sharing gameplay video in the coming weeks.  

NDA ONLY prohibits sharing video and gameplay content capture – you’re free to share your thoughts and stories from Closed Beta on the forums as well as on social media.  


Closed Beta is a testing period that will push our hardware and server infrastructure to new limits -- as such, we’re sure to run into snags like lag, bugs, and performance hiccups. The bug reports subforum is set-up for you to report any issues you can encounter directly to our development team, and we also plan to keep you informed of the known issues as well as any potential fixes going into each testing period: 

  • The mouse cursor will sometimes go missing on Main Menu after exiting a match. If you get this, you’ll need to restart the client.
    • To try and avoid this bug:
      • Do not sit idle on the End Screen
      • Do not accept invites to matches when in drop pod
  • After going idle for too long and timing out, going back into the game without closing your client first will cause issues in the UI.
    • To try and avoid this bug:
      • Do not sit idle
  • Spectate System is still being worked on and has a number of issues associated with it
  • There are a number of resolution issues that may end up stretching visuals or offsetting mouse input

We’ll provide regular updates as new issues are discovered along with potential fixes so your Closed Beta experience can be as smooth as possible.

PlanetSide Arena is currently available for pre-order on Steam, with your pre-order granting immediate access to Closed Beta (and as well to the exclusive Founders Season kicking off next month).  Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Arena!